January 17, 2013

Square shape (body)type

  • Stay away from round or plunging necklines - they will make your boobs look smaller - and opt for an empire-line cut instead.
  • Your slim hips and long legs can accommodate the frilliest underwear, and you can add oomph to your cleavage with a padded or gel bra(opens in a new window).
  • Leggings look great as they show off your slim legs and allow you to wear something with more volume or detail on top. You can get away with skinny and straight-legged jeans too.
  • Use A-line skirts to add definition to your waist. You can experiment with lengths - show off those lovely legs. Flat waistbands on skirts will add some structure to your middle.
  • Look for feminine details in your clothes to soften any hard lines. Ruffles on tops will work wonders.
  • Pay attention to the fabrics of the clothes you buy - look for feminine prints and soft materials. Animal print is great for athletic figures as as it gives a 3D effect, creating lots of lovely curves.
  • Give the illusion of a waistline - pull it in with a waist-cinching belt and look for a parka or trenchcoat with a large belt to really add some definition.
  • Asymmetric necklines are great as they draw the eyeline away from the shoulders.