January 17, 2013

What's your (body)type?

One thing very important when you try to get that star fashion effect is to dress up with what makes you look good! To do that you have to know your body type and dress accordingly. No matter your shape, height you can look fly and fashion once you've figure out what looks good for your body type.

There is 4 different body types

Apple(red) shape: If you have this body type then your upper body is the biggest part of your body, like wide shoulders, big boobs, thick waist. All you need to do when you dress up in such away that your upper body looks more proportionate to your upper body.

Square(yellow) shape: That body type means that your waist 'wideness" is about the same then your hips. If you have that body type then you wanna accentuate your waist to create the illusion of a more hour glass shape and give more curve to your body

Pear(green) shape: Your butts and lower body is the biggest part of your body or i would say that you are bootylicious. For this body type you wanna make your body look more proportionate by accentuating your upper body and creating the illusion of a smaller lower body.

Hourglass(purple) shape: this one is the easy one, you basically can wear what ever you like but keep in mind those "proportions" to keep that fashion star effect.

You see it doesn't really matter how your body looks it's all about how you dress it up so that you can bring out the best flattering assets you have. Stay beautiful:)

I will feature more in dept tips on how to to dress up for each body type in future post!!!