February 7, 2013

Fuck I'm awesome:D

"If you view every person you talk to as a potential partner, and every interaction as some sort of job interview towards Together Forever, you will be miserable. If you cannot be single, and do not enjoy yourself and the company of just you, you will never make someone happy. You cannot walk about life wishing you were in a relationship, because the best relationship you will have is with yourself. No one can fix another person, you can only fix yourself. If you can't wake up single for a whole year, and almost every morning, look in the mirror and think, 'Fuck, I am awesome, I wish I could backpack across Europe with just me and a bit of money and a good drink!' then no one person will make you love yourself. So what I recommend is stop looking. Focus on you. Then, out of nowhere, someone is going to see you and feel how confident and self-assured you are, and it will happen. Were all still young in this universe."