February 10, 2013

Banging Outfits!!! Perfect Colors


The first thing you need to know about mixing colors when you dress up is the "THE RULE OF 3"!!! For a look simple and chic at all times try to mix just 3 different color for all of your outfits. But you can wear 4 colors if one of the color you are wearing is white.
Now you gotta know your color! They is 3 different categories type of colors
Neutral Colors: Black, Grey, White, Cream, Beige, Tan and Brown
Cold Colors: Blue, Green, Blue tones of purple e.g. lavender
Warm(Hot) Colors: Red, Orange,Yellow, Pink and Pink tones of purple e.g. plum

Now lets go through the general fashion advice on colours that go nicely together:

If you’re wearing more than one item the same colour, make sure they are either exactly the same colour, or clearly different shades of the same colour. Nearly the same but not quite is not a good look as it looks like you’ve tried to match exactly and failed.

If you’re wearing all black don’t wear brown shoes. Black and brown can be tricky to wear together without looking mismatched so if you do, make sure you pull it together with accessories to make it into a real colour scheme rather than looking accidental.

Brown and ‘warm neutrals’ look lovely when combined together and make great fashion colours for fall or autumn. However, they do not mix well with warm tones such as red, pink and purple so instead team them with cool colours such as blue or green.

A small splash of a warm colour in a cool colour palette add interest without overdoing it e.g. a red tie on a blue shirt or yellow accessories with a green dress.

Lots of pastel colours together can look too sugary sweet. Try one pastel colour with a neutral (e.g. pale pink and grey) or a pastel with a deep version of the same colour instead (e.g. pale blue and dark blue)

Keep to one pattern only per outfit, even if the colours match.

Limit yourself to 3 colours (including neutrals) per outfit, unless the additional colours make up a pattern or print.

Don’t mix black and navy.

Don’t mix white and cream.

Don’t mix brown and grey.