February 9, 2013

Who doesn't like a well dress man!! It's All about the BLAZER

Today is all about the BLAZERS!!!! A blazer is a perfect add for any man wordrove! It's so chic and manly. Black, blue, grey and beige are the safe color great for the guys that don't like to be too "look at me now". White add instantly a "touch" of distinguishment to any outfits! Red, pink, purple, green ... Basically all the colors in the rainbow are bold and fashion forward and I give it the STAR FASHION AWARD!!!! Come on guys don't be dull, take risk even in your clothing! It show a lot of confidence and give the impression that you are comfortable in your skin, a big TURN ON to us, the LADIES!!!
+ For a dressy casual look wear them with jeans.
And for a more dressy dress to impress look wear them with regular pants
Example: Black blazer/ dark blue jeans/ white Tshirt or shirt/ black shoes
Dark blue blazer / black jeans / white shirt/ black shoes
Grey blazer / blue jeans / pink shirt or Tshirt/ black shoes
Beige blazer/ blue jeans/ white shirt or Tshirt/ brown shoes
So now go get dress and look fly like a G6
FYI: Those Aviator sunglasses the the guy on e middle are wearing are to die for(you can't go wrong with some Ray Ban)!!! "My name is Bond, James Bond" looks!!!!
2nd FYI: I did the collage of the picture of the dashing men;)